~ Membership Process and Requirements ~

Our constitution requires that registrants be of legal age and a resident of the New York City area for 18 months. If necessary, the Local can request a waiver of the residency requirement from the General Secretary Treasurer of the International.  Anyone wishing to be considered for registration should submit a current resume and 3 letters of recommendation to the union office. Please do not send until entire packet is complete.  The committee will only consider complete submissions and will contact you when they are received.  If sending by email please send as a pdf attachment.  .Submissions can be made by:
Mail: 545 West 45th Street, 2nd Floor
          New York, NY 10036

Fax:  212-957-3232
E-mail: registration@ia764.org
Recommendations can be from employers, educators, and union members. These will be initially reviewed by the Business Representatives and then forwarded to the Registration Committee which meets monthly to review and register applicants. You will be scheduled for the month following receipt of your request.  The following is considered in the review:
  1. Education: In theatre, fashion design or any costume related area.
  2. Experience: Theatrical wardrobe work in regional community, summer stock or Off-Broadway theatres, theme parks, costume shops, non-union films. What was your experience in supervising, dressing, construction, styling, crafts or other related work?
  3. References: Are these from current members, working professionals and/or educators? Do they support qualities of professionalism, including initiative, problem solving, good communication and inter-personal skills?
If the applicant has the appropriate qualifications, an interview with the Registration Committee is arranged. At the interview,  the eligibility process for membership is explained, a registration form is completed, and a non-refundable $100.00 application fee is paid. Each registrant receives a copy of our professional guidelines at this time. Since securing work in the jurisdiction is the only method of gaining membership, registration does not guarantee membership, and membership does not guarantee employment. Wardrobe supervisors still need to interview all prospective staff for their productions. Applicants are asked to note registration on their resumes when applying for jobs within the Local 764 jurisdiction.
When you are eligible for membership, the following financial obligations apply:
Initiation fee $1,000.00
Quarterly IA dues $55.00 ($220.00 per year)
Local Work Dues 2 % of salary
Please Note:
There is a minimum annual work dues assessment of $160.00 which means that you must earn $8,000.00 per year or pay the remaining balance. In case of illness or family obligations, a waiver may be requested.